By Dr. Leonora von Heussen, MBE - Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Malcolm Roberts is a gifted psychic medium who is well known for his sincerity and accuracy. I have known him for roughly five years, during which time I have had a lot of life changing experiences, and through such experiences, my life has been transformed from that of a broken china doll, to that of the Strong Woman that I once was.

I have consulted with Malcolm about a number of issues, and have had at least two readings per year. He frightens me sometimes with his accuracy. Without having any previous knowledge of these situations, Malcolm has been able to locate them individually, and then deal with them with me in an organized, professional, and intelligent manner.

Malcolm’s sincerity and strong natural psychic ability, combines with his empathetic manner, makes it possible to bring both solutions and hope to his clients. This man is incredible! He revealed matters concerning family members that again he could never have known.

I would recommend Malcolm to anyone who is not afraid or frightened of the truth, and who wants to make informed choices and plans in their life both for the present and the future. I would recommend that you seek a consultation with Malcolm and be open minded, and see the results within days, sometimes in hours. I do not have to BELIEVE that they will happen—good things or bad—I KNOW that they will happen. I would conclude that Malcolm Roberts is excellent at showing how best to make the right choices for a happier future. Thank you Malcolm for helping me to understand, accept and organise unknown events that are important to me. (Abridged Version)