Alina Deeble - Director, Euromedica Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Wroclaw, Poland

I met Malcolm abroad. He told me he was a psychic and straightaway I told him I did not believe in fortune tellers and such. I introduced him to a good friend of mine, a lawyer. Through her work she met a member of an aristocratic family of a different European country. As it happened I invited the couple to my house and my friend was excited to meet Malcolm. She wanted to know if she was going to get married to her man soon as he had bought her an engagement ring. To my great surpriseMalcolm said that they were not going to get married and I protested that it was impossible. Malcolm was right: they did not get married and when he asked me some months later if they had got married I said they had. I had assumed she was living with him in his country but it later appeared that she was withsomeone else now. So Malcolm was right all along and I felt ashamed I did not believe him. There is another proof he is right. About 2 years ago I fell seriously ill and had an operation. He told me soon after that my illness would not return (it does in many cases). 2 years later and I am free from it. Another proof Malcolm is right.