Sonia, Paralegal, Central London

I have been to numerous psychics, clairvoyants and mediums around the UK over the past couple of years as i had a lot of questions i needed answers to and i was eager to find someone who could help me understand or make sense of what was going on in my life. i was disappointed to find that my readings in the past were either very broad/generalistic or completely inaccurate or through guess work. i found that i had wasted alot of time and money and I decided to call it a day. Just as i was about to give up i was put in contact with Malcom Roberts through recommendation of a friend who ironically is a very sceptical person who i thought would be the last person to see any medium. Neverless for me it was certainly a blessing in disguise to say the least.

What can i say? Was my reading worth the wait? Well its really hard to describe in words but honestly YES, 100%. i was utterely amazed at how accuarate Malcom was in terms of what he told me about my past, present and future journey. Malcom was very specific particularly with his dates, timelines and physical descriptions of people, places and events. I gave him no indication whatsoever or volunteered any information to aid him with his reading yet he literally was able to read me like a book within a matter of seconds. It was mind blowing. Malcom told me things that he could not have possibly known by any other means. He told me things that at the time i laughed at because it seemed impossible at the time, which today has actually turned into reality, so i eat my words with that one. I have since travelled up North to see Malcom and have had several readings and I have never been disappointed. His readings are definately worth every penny. Thank you Malcom. I am so glad that i have finally found a natural born psychic.