Karen Farrier, Business Owner - Coventry

I lost my dad in December 2007, and didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye, in desperate need of  wanting to know my dad was happy in the afterlife I visited many psychics, who were all happy to take my money, but never gave me any information or comfort to me that my dad was ok.

I was given Malcolm’s number by a lady who had a reading from him, and I didn’t do anything  with it for months! I suppose because of the disappointment I had received from previous psychics. When I did see Malcolm, I was amazed when he told everything that my dad had suffered with prior to his death. Malcolm even told me in detail what I did when I visited my dad in the chapel of rest, (know one could of known that, as I was on my own!.)

I only trust Malcolm now if I need direction in my life!.  I have my own business, and Malcolm saved me from making a seriously bad business decision that could have had serious financial consequences. I always contact Malcolm if I need guidance and direction in my life, whether its business, family or personnel help. I would highly recommend Malcolm to anyone looking for a psychic who will give an honest and truthful reading. I can assure you, you will never need to seek any other reading from another psychic.